Thursday, April 12, 2012

Technical Article: Combating health issues

Every day new reports are published in newspapers worldwide reporting about the effects of antibiotic resistant bacteria and its consequence on human health.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) gives warning of unknown germs, but also makes us aware of known pathogenic bacteria, which have become resistant or dangerous due to changes in their DNA.

Animal production also contributed to the development of antibiotic resistance as antibiotics have been used as growth promoters in animal feed at sub-therapeutic levels for many years. In Europe, where the use of antibiotic-growth promoters (AGPs) is prohibited, research has focused on finding alternatives to AGPs.

Acidifiers were moved into the centre of attention, as they are, amongst others, one of the most adequate alternatives to the use of antibiotics. Acidifiers create, via the reduction of the pH, unfavourable conditions for potentially harmful bacteria. They also have direct antimicrobial effects as, in their non-dissociated form, they can penetrate into the bacterial cell inhibiting vital cellular functions, resulting in cellular death. Read more ...

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