Tuesday, April 23, 2013

23/04/13: Vietnamese aquaculture firms step up foreign investments; could ocean acidification improve fish hearing?; Aker BioMarine and BioMar extend partnership

Vietnamese aquaculture firms step up foreign investments. According to figures released by the Vietnamese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, current foreign investment from the agro-forestry and aquaculture industries totals US$2.5 billion, a 20 percent share of total foreign investment.
The majority of the development is in nearby Laos, Cambodia and China but there is also significant business in parts of Africa including Sudan, South Africa and Mozambique. However, the development is not always easy sailing; Vietnamese companies have run into difficulties as many of these countries have a weak legal system and a lack of skilled workers.

Could ocean acidification improve fish hearing? We usually associate ocean acidification, which occurs when carbon dioxide is absorbed by oceans, with negative impacts such as weakened shells on shellfish. However, a study conducted by the University of Miami, USA and NOAA has discovered that low-p-H water could improve fish hearing.
Researchers used 3C x-rays to compare the skulls of cobia raised in either low-pH water or higher-p-H water. They found that fish raised in lower p-H water had larger and more dense otoliths (ear stones). This could potentially lead to better hearing.

Aker BioMarine and BioMar have extended their partnership on deliveries and purchases of the QRILL™ feed ingredient. The five-year deal is an extension of the original two-year collaboration agreement.

English: A Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes nor...
English: A Northern krill (Meganyctiphanes norvegica). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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