Wednesday, April 24, 2013

24/04/13: Ice Age salmon refuge; floatation devices for Scottish fishermen; 20 day fresh packaging

A coastal region in north west France has been identified as the site of an ice-free refuge for salmon   during the Ice Age. Researchers from the University of Exeter, United Kingdom used genetics to trace the migration of salmon species from refuge areas into previously glaciated regions.

Every fisherman in Moray, Scotland is to get a free personal floatation device in a bid to improve safety. The scheme, which is funded by the European Fisheries Fund, will cost £348,000.

The Norwegian food research institute, Nofima, has invented new packaging which keeps salmon fresh for up 20 days.
Superfresh packaging uses a method called Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). This involves putting salmon on a CO₂ emitter consisting of baking powder and citric acid, and then removing the air from the pack before it is sealed. At a constant low temperature, the fish can stay fresh for up to 20 days or 10-12 days at four degrees above zero.
Although the initial research was intended to find a packaging method specially designed for cod and salmon fillet, the same method could also eventually be used for other types of fish and meat.
Salmon intended for consumption as food
Salmon intended for consumption as food (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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