Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Video: Scottish salmon and seals

Last night, the BBC programme the One Show, featured an interesting section on Scottish salmon producers and seals. Seals, which eat up to 5 kg of fish a day, are a problem for both fishermen and aquaculturists as they nets ans cages of salmon are a tasty treat. The seals take bites of the fish but don't eat the whole animal, meaning many fish are killed. Those fish lucky enough to escape an seal attack can suffer from stress which affects the quality if the flesh. 
To combat this problem, fishermen and fish farmers and are allowed to shoot seals. However, this is unpopular with wildlife fanatics and conservationists. The programme is a balanced overview of the strains between food production and wildlife conservation.

Viewers in the UK can watch the programme online here for the next week. The segment starts at 23.30 minutes.
English: Atlantic salmon. Salmo salar.
English: Atlantic salmon. Salmo salar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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