Monday, June 17, 2013

17/06/2013: Open sea trials to examine seaweed farming; private sector support for Pacific aquaculture; Norway fish health concerns

Later this year, the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) will be conducting sea trials in Spencer Gulf to determine the feasibility of farmed seaweed on aquaculture and environmental safeguarding. 

Gail Gago, minister for agriculture, says the project is an example of how innovative research is supporting the State Government’s strategic priority of Premium Food and Wine from our Clean Environment.


The Pacific region are calling for more private sector support to help the industry grow.

According to Aquaculture experts, there’s big potential for the farming of marine resources such as freshwater fish, seaweed and other crops but they’re lacking resources.

Papua New Guinea farmers who farm freshwater fish tilapia are already exchanging ideas and getting technical help through a European-funded project at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community.


The effect of salmon farming in wild fish poulations is more of a concern for Arne Pedersen, president of the Coastal Fishermen's Association, than new quota recommendations.

Pedersen is less concerned with the new quota recommendations for cod and haddock. It isn’t the quantity of fish that worries him: it’s their health.

The stomach is filled with a brown, fibrous substance that resembles feed pellets, such as those used in the salmon farms near where the fish were caught. 


Mount Tarvurvur in Papua New Guinea
Mount Tarvurvur in Papua New Guinea (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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