Tuesday, September 17, 2013

17/09/2013: Fiji's fisheries laws; Young's funky fish; Hong Kong bans shark fins

Fiji is reviewing its fisheries laws. 

Currently, there are two new decrees: the Offshore Fisheries Management Decree, which was officially passed in January 2013, and the Aquaculture Decree, which is expected to be promulgated by the beginning of 2014.

A third decree— the Inshore Fisheries Management Decree—has been drafted but is still being reviewed and is subject to further consultation with stakeholders. The objective of all three decrees is to conserve, manage and develop Fiji’s fisheries to ensure for the benefit of the people.

British seafood producer and distributor, Young's Seafood recently launched its new Funky Fish Kitchen brand, which will provide 11 chilled fish products to British supermarket chain Asda.
The range is being launched as part of the company's campaign to inspire more consumers to eat fish at least two times a week.

"The Funky Fish Kitchen brings a new sense of fun to fish and seafood. We want these innovative fish-with-a-twist products to be meal occasion inspirations; we know that more lunch occasions could include seafood", said Marina Richardson, marketing controller at Young's.

Conservation groups have praised the Hong Kong government decision to stop serving shark fin and bluefin tuna at official functions.

According to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), demand for the fins and other shark-related products has led to some shark species falling in numbers by 60-70%.

"After almost a decade of advocacy in the form of petitions, protest marches, letter writing and media campaigns, the Hong Kong government has finally seen fit to do the right thing - for which we applaud them," Alex Hofford, executive director of Hong Kong-based marine conservation group MyOcean told French based news agency, AFP.
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Chinese cuisine-Shark fin soup
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