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27/11/13: Event: World Aquaculture Sociey introduces new industry AquaForum concept

The World Aquaculture Sociey recently
announced a new industry AquaForum concept
set to take place in Korea in 2015
News courtesy of the World Aquaculture Society (WAS)

The World Aquaculture Society recently announced that a new forum, aimed at enhancing industry participation will take place in 2015.

The new concept will be formally announced at the upcoming Asian Pacific Aquaculture event which takes place from 10- 13 December in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

AquaForum has been created to benefit industry professionals during WAS conferences and exhibitions. The organizing committee for WA15 invites Asian farmers, feed millers, suppliers, and other industry professionals to Jeju, Korea to attend this forum.  Activities will include specific topical industry sessions, facilitated workshops, round table discussions, simultaneous translations, designated meeting spaces, farm tours, etc. 

This 1st AquaForum is targeted towards the most important industry issues affecting key Asia Pacific aquaculture producing countries.  It is a true Industry forum whereby timely topical and regionally relevant sessions are tailored to enhance industrial representation and participation.
The 1st AquaForum will be comprised of industry sessions, each with up to 3 speakers (20-minutes per presentation) plus time for facilitated and simultaneous translated panel and group discussions. Top professionals will be invited to attend the panel discussions.
What will AquaForum include?
 - Flatfish Health: Nursery growth inhibition; Grow-out issues etc.
 - Shrimp Health and System Microbial Management:  Farm management practices; Epidemiology and disease control.
 - Aqua Feed technologies: Feed production Technologies; Raw materials and formulation strategies; Functional nutrition. 
 - Marine Finfish Technologies: Production systems; Health, Breeding and Larviculture.
 - Enhancing Shellfish Production: Production systems; Seed production; Quality, Safety, Marketing.
- Integrated Aquaculture: Aquaponics; Seaweeds and Bioremediation; Multitrophic systems; Offshore energy production and aquaculture.
Advanced registration is highly recommended to reserve seating and translation services for attendees.  All WA 15 conference attendees and exhibition visitors are welcome to attend the 1st AquaForum. 

However, for those without advanced AquaForum registration, seating and translation services will be provided on a first come first served basis according to availability.
Participation in an electronic mailing list to receive ongoing updated information on the AquaForum will be available for all registered attendees. 

When is the AquaForum?
The forum is set to take place from 27-29 May 2015 in Jeju Island, Korea.

Registration on the WAS website will be open from January 2014 onwards. 
For more information, visit the WAS website here.

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